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Photography by Brett Schmidt

Wool & Cotton Beanies


rustek Collective, llc

Made in Portland, Oregon 

Product Details

Heather Grey Merino Wool Beanie


Even when the temperatures drop, your dome will feel like it’s still on a tropical beach vacation with the Palm Island Merino + Cork Beanie! Woven from 100% premium merino wool, and featuring an engraved cork ‘leather’ tag, these beanies are unbelievably soft, temperature regulating and sweat-wicking, perfect for all seasons! Engraved cork leather tags are laser engraved and hand-applied in Portland OR. Engraved design is permanently burned into the cork, no inks are used in the production of these beanies.

These Beanies are made from 100% ethically and sustainably sourced natural materials. Discover why these are the Northwest’s new favorite beanies, don’t face the winter months without this timeless essential.

100% Merino Wool

Thick 3oz Weight

Cork ‘Leather’ Tag

Sewn and Engraved in Portland OR

Teal Organic Cotton Beanie


Made in the USA from the softest 100% organic cotton and natural cork, these are the most sustainable beanies yet! Cozy, soft, and available in a variety of fun colors, these ultra eco-friendly beanies are sure to become your new go-to for chilly evenings on the town or on the trail.

Our organic cotton beanies are made from 100% ethically and sustainably sourced natural materials, right here in the USA. By planting two trees for every beanie you can rest assured your purchase is fully Planet Positive, giving back to the planet more than it takes. Did you know organic cotton uses 72 percent less energy and 91 percent less water than conventional cotton? Just another fun way these beanies are making the world a better place.

 100% Organic Cotton

3.5oz Weight

Cork ‘Leather’ Tag

Knit, sewn, and engraved in the USA

Use & Care

One Size Fits Most

Hand Wash/Air Dry Flat (Recommended)

About the Company

At Rustek, they have a mission to use natural materials to create planet positive gear that works as hard for the future as it does for you.

They believe this is not just the right thing to do, but is the only way to create a truly sustainable future for the planet and the environments that unite us all in our love for the outdoors.

By focusing their design on renewable natural materials they are moving away from the use of plastics to celebrate the performance and beauty of natural materials in their outdoor and lifestyle gear.

By planting two trees for every item sold, they guarantee every product they make is not only carbon negative, but contributes to a future for the natural environments and habitats that make this planet home.

Custom Loose Tea Blends


Marabette & Co.

Made in Greenville, SC 

Product Details

Evening Unwind

Evening Unwind is this ode to “self-care. It is a blend that is as relaxing and uncomplex as it sounds, a soothing delicate, calming blend that is sure to help you relax the evening cares away! So have a cupful and experience the delicate blending of calming Chamomile, with the lightness of Lemongrass and the touch of rose. You will feel your cares float away and be transported to an evening of calming bliss. For a greater experience, steep in a glass teapot or French press & watch the array of colors dance to the “agony of the leaves.”

Go ahead and prepare for an evening of self-care!


A wintery Pu-erh tea blend with hints of spice delicately woven with vanilla oolong and a splash of gingerbread. This artful blend is sure to create a warmth in your soul, perfect for sipping in front of a fireplace in a cozy cabin. An excellent tea to take on your next adventure!

This tea contains high doses of caffeine

Pu-erh Tea


Gingerbread Tea

Use & Care


Caffeine Free

Contains: Chamomile, Roses, Lemongrass

Suggested: Steep 212 degrees for 5-7 min


Suggested: Steep approx. 5 minutes

About the Founder


The Heartbeat Behind MaraBette & Co

Meet the face behind MaraBette & Co, the visionary, owner, founder, and heartbeat!

Marla Lacey, a female financial banker, turned tea entrepreneur! An avid lover of tea, tea houses, hosting events, and making people feel welcome, she turned her passion into a thriving, ever-growing, and changing business. Bringing into the business numerous years of catering tea parties, planning events, and visiting tea rooms across America, she is constantly using skills that offer people a way to build relationships through a cup of tea! 

A strong leader with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach, Marla wants to take the concepts of MaraBette & Co to regions far and wide, not to mention the artisan loose leaf tea blends created by her company. Marla believes tea can bridge gaps and connect across ethnic lines, all the while bringing a smile to your face! 

If you ever get a chance to meet her, be prepared to be greeted with a smile as big as the moon, an unpretentious hello, & a welcome into her space, with a heart full of hospitality!

About the Company

MaraBette Teas was established in 2017 with a vision to help people discover the pleasures and joy of drinking loose leaf teas. From the novice to the advanced tea drinker, MaraBette Teas believes everyone should experience tea the MaraBette way!

What began as a vision to encourage people in the art of hospitality, homemaking, & opening their homes to others, expanded into blending & selling teas to enable people to share in the gift of hospitality with others & give them confidence in connecting with other people. As an avid tea drinker, tea caterer, tea club founder, & more, the teas at MaraBette & Co are “steeping!”

Their mission is to provide tea as an experience, a way of connecting with others and bringing people together. They believe tea is more than just a drink, but instead intended to be shared and enjoyed with others. From leaf to cup, their teas are blended with distinctive flavors unusual combinations, a true delight for the senses. They deliver delicious loose leaf tea blends using quality ingredients. Love and craft are a part of each blend. This mission helps create memories & laughter thru tea while providing a tea experience that’s as unique & special as the person holding the cup. 

Green Writers Press Books

green writers Press

Made in Vermont

Product Details
COME TOGETHER, A non-fiction book by DANA SIMSON

Come Together is an engaging handbook to launch a movement of individuals to tackle global warming by simply retooling our daily actions. Easy proactive steps develop a long-term perspective based on civility, integrity, and an invigorating love for our Earth. Save money, lose the clutter, live well, feel happy and healthier as you pull for the planet.

Find actions you can take to reach out to others positively to go forward together. We can agree on one common goal. We must address the health of the Earth and take steps to live more mindfully daily. Come Together addresses how to tackle areas in your home or office to simplify, declutter and create a greener, healthier space. All areas of your day, from travel to shopping and eating better, are covered. Learn to make your personal care products and about the health benefits of essential oils. Save money and remove toxic products from your home by using simple ingredients to create better cleaning supplies than chemical leaden commercial ones. 

Learn about toxins that are not only bad for you but can easily flow from your home into water supplies and the water we drink. It is as easy as changing your mindset to care. Pro-active practices make it easy to avoid buying into our addiction to plastic and false conveniences.


The Dreamcatcher Codes, the debut novel from writer and filmmaker Barbara Newman, builds cultural bridges, unity, and hope and illuminates two critical issues for our times: climate change and girls claiming their voices and vital place in the world.

The Earth is gasping for breath, its only hope is the sacred Codes of Nature. But they’ve been stolen – snatched by a giant raven during a raging storm. 

Four girls. Four directions. One purpose. 

Sophia Rose, Guardian of Mother Earth, has summoned MAIA from the North to lead Falcon, Ava, and Yue on a quest to find the Codes and save the planet. But the odds are against the young rescuers. Time is running out, the bees are dying, the oceans are filled with plastic, and dark energy lurks in the shadows, threatening their search.

Use & Care

Read, read and read again. The words in this book are an essential guide for having an everlasting positive impact on our earth and the future generations that will call this world home. Pass this book on. The more people that read it and apply the principles within, the greater chance our Earth has for a healthier tomorrow.


Read and relish. Get lost in the story and walk away with the lesson. Then share this book with your daughters, your friends, and your friend’s daughters. A coming-of-age tale for the young girl inside every woman and the voice every young woman yearns to find inside of herself. The lesson reminds us of the task at hand we must all contribute to saving our earth.

About the Founder
DEDE CUMMINGS, Founder of The Green Writers Press

Dede Cummings is a writer, book designer, and publisher. Dede attended Middlebury College, where she discovered cross-country skiing, majored in English, and received the Mary Dunning Thwing Award for poetry. 

Throughout the 1980s, Dede worked at Little, Brown & Company, rising to the senior book designer. When the company was bought by Time/Warner and moved to New York, Dede headed north to return to Vermont and start freelancing as a designer.

She lives next to an apple orchard on a dirt road in Brattleboro, Vermont, with her family, where the home office also looks out onto a solar array, installed in 2014, that powers the press from the sun.

DANA SIMSON, Author of Come Together

Dana Simson dwells in a place of deep love for our natural world and the beauty it so generously offers us. At home, surrounded by a big sky and the Chesapeake Bay, each day comes with visual gifts that fill her heart. She is quite content spending the day with her animal friends, chatting at length with any creature that will listen. This is the fuel that runs her imagination. There is never enough time to pull all the ideas that form out into a painting or ceramic. Each day is a new opportunity to enjoy the journey onward.

Dana Simson’s engaging imagery has been licensed in fabric, rugs, stationary, home decor, gift items, and tabletop. She has 15 published books, including four children’s picture books, gift books, a pop-up book, and her latest Come Together: A Handbook to Retool for the Future. Dana’s work is in many private collections and several museums. In addition, her artwork has been featured in many national magazines placed in TV shows and Hollywood movies, including Titanic.


BARBARA NEWMAN, Author of The DreamCatcher Codes

Barbara Newman has a fierce love for the natural world.

She is a storyteller, writer, filmmaker, Earth protector, and mom. She developed a girls’ leadership workshop based on the principles of cowgirl spirit and was part of the think tank that inspired the Fred Rogers Center for Children’s Media and Education.

She lives in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts with her family, where she walks the riverbanks, roams the forests, and sits wrapped in a blanket under the stars (only if it’s warm enough). This book is her love letter to Mother Earth and all of her daughters.

About the Company

Green Writers Press, an independent, Vermont-based publishing company, is dedicated to spreading environmental
awareness and social justice by publishing authors who promulgate messages of hope and renewal through place-based writing and environmental activism.

In the past five years, Green Writers Press has expanded significantly, publishing such authors as Julia Alvarez, John Elder, Dr. M Jackson, and former Vermont Governor, Madeleine Kunin.

Their mission is to spread a message of hope and renewal through the words and images they publish. Throughout they will adhere to their commitment to preserving and protecting the natural resources of the earth. To that end, a percentage of their proceeds will be donated to environmental activist groups and social justice organizations.

Lavendar Earl Grey Lip Butter

no tox life

Made in Austin, TX

Product Details

Lavender Earl Grey Lip Butter

This herbal and citrus essential oil blend, packaged in a zero-waste paperboard tube with a hint of sweet.

Now you can always have lip butter in your pocket, everywhere you go! Their formula is packed with moisturizing organic cocoa butter and avocado oil. They also use wildcrafted plant wax instead of beeswax, so it’s completely vegan.

Why do they call it lip butter instead of lip balm or chapstick? Well, lip balm generally found in stores is oily and comes off within an hour or two. Their lip butter is made with nourishing, premium cocoa butter that will stay on your lips for an extended period (it lasts 4-8 hours on the lips). Their product feels like a rich butter and has a matte finish.

Ingredients: wildcrafted candelilla wax (plant wax), organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil, organic stevia leaf

Size: This waste-conscious paperboard tube is 0.3 oz, about two times bigger than a typical lip balm size. It should last for several months to a year (or longer).

Use & Care

Shelf life: This product is most fresh when used within 18 months of purchase. Best stored in a cool place to keep it fresher longer. 

Storage: As with any natural product, do not leave it in your car or directly in the hot sun to melt in the heat. It could melt and spill if it gets REALLY hot, and the constant heating and cooling will reduce its freshness. Under normal summer temperatures and shipping it does not typically melt.

End of life: Compost the recycled paper tube and black bamboo tape.

About the Founders
Meet Sandee Ferman and Callie Milford – a mother-daughter team.
Sandee got interested in living a non-toxic lifestyle many decades ago. As a little girl, she experienced a bad reaction to the ingredients in a perfume that left red welts on her skin. So as a teenager, she participated in the first annual Earth Day has been excited about living a natural lifestyle.

In 2013, Sandee started experimenting with making soap and other bath & body products, doing hundreds of hours of testing and learning. Soapmaking and cosmetics formulation merged her passions, math, science, and art. Initially, she gave products as gifts for friends and family, with great feedback.

After heading to her local grocery store one day and reading the “natural” shampoo ingredients, she realized that it was full of harsh, drying detergents that were causing her scalp issues. The idea of No Tox Life was born – helping people switch to a genuinely non-toxic lifestyle.

In addition to being a certified woman-owned small business, No Tox Life is also a family business.

Sandee’s daughter Callie Milford is No Tox Life’s co-founder and creative director. She designs & formulates new products (along with Sandee), directs the brand’s look, and manages sales to the hundreds of independent grocery stores, zero waste stores, and lifestyle stores carrying the line.

About the Company

No Tox Life was born from the desire to provide effective, vegan body and home care to help you live a cleaner, greener lifestyle. They are a local, family-run business.

No Tox Life products are manufactured personally by the founders. They also carry some other brands in their store by other local makers. For some products, like wooden accessories, the founders collaborate with responsible manufacturers to design and create items they use and love.

Each formula is devised from scratch using high-quality ingredients and made in small batches to assure superior quality and fresh ingredients in every product. Often this means the final product costs more than typical drugstore products. In addition, all products are made with skin-nourishing ingredients without unnecessary “fillers” including excess water, so that each product will last long.

All products we both make and sell are 100% vegan, and they never test on animals, nor do they ever plan to. They also don’t sell to countries like China that require animal testing.



Juniper Carrot Seed Face Oil


meow meow tweet

Made in Brooklyn, NY

Product Details

A balancing oil to soften and nourish skin.

Moisturize and brighten skin with this non-greasy, non-clogging daily face oil. This dynamite blend of organic plant oils and extracts evens out oil production, revitalizes and smooths skin while clearing blemishes. The scent is herbal and woody and the texture is silky.


*simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, email, *sesamum indicum (sesame) seed oil, tocopherol (non-GMO vitamin e), *pelargonium x asperum (geranium) oil, *juniperus communis (juniper) berry oil, *pogostemon cablin (patchouli) oil, *vetiveria zizanoides (vetiver) oil, daucus carota (carrot) seed oil

*certified organic

Use & Care

Apply a few drops to your clean face and neck as a daily routine. Safe to use morning and night. If you have toner, apply face oil after is applied.

Not just a face oil, use in your beard and hair to soften tresses.

About the Founders

Meow Meow Tweet was founded in Brooklyn in 2009 by Tara Pelletier (she/they) and Jeff Kurosaki (they/them).

The pair, who met in art school in Michigan, possess an innate openness and curiosity that led them to wonder why a gift of handmade soap left their skin feeling so much better than a commercial bar. Together, they set out to learn everything they could about making soap at home. The result was a creamy, skin-nourishing formula that received accolades from family & friends. Bolstered by the positive feedback, they went on to found their all-natural vegan apothecary Meow Meow Tweet, named for their two beloved cats and Jeff’s bird.

From soap to natural insect repellant and deodorant cream to a complete facial regime, Meow Meow Tweet is committed to creating pure, all-natural, plant and mineral-based formulas. Drawing on Tara’s background as a chef and herbalist, all goods are developed as if they were modern culinary dishes. All packaging features whimsical illustrations by Jeff.

Along with Meow Meow Tweet, Tara and Jeff work together as a collaborative artist team, where they create sculptures, music, and performances. The team relocated to the Hudson Valley in the beautiful Catskill Mountains during the winter of 2015. Surrounded by nature, they continue to find inspiration to infuse into their art, and their cherished brand.

About the Company

Meow Meow Tweet is a vegan personal care company for everybody. They are ethical, low-waste, handmade, and cruelty-free.

They create all products in small batches.