Mother’s day is a special time to reflect on the women in our lives that have helped shape us.

For some, this is a special day to celebrate and honor these women. For others, it can bring a day of sadness or mourning for the mothers we have lost, or sadly, the mothers we never had.

Regardless of the mother that brought you into this world, I think there is gratitude to be found in her existence. After all, without her, you would not be here, we would not be here. And that my friend, would be it’s own sad tale.

Our value and purpose exceeds our own trials and tribulations. Our survival is quintessential for not only our own children, but the generations there after.

Today, I propose we celebrate the Mother of Us All, Mother Earth.

Celebration can be had with tilling a garden with our own mothers and children. Mother Earth can honored by shopping with local artisans for that special gift, or eating at a local restaurant that supports farms in your own community. She can also be honored by planting seeds, a shrubbery or even greater, a tree, in honor of the moms we long for. That longing can be found either from a strong hold in a distant memory or a longing of unfulfilled wishes and dreams.

The love within us that exists for our mothers is waiting to be felt, waiting to be heard. Release your love with open arms and with open arms, your love for her will be embraced.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing women out there, and especially to Mother Earth, for you all endure our childish ways, one way or another, for as long as you grace us with your presence.

Yours Truly,

The Selective Sage

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