Welcome to ECO MAMA Podcast, where we empower families to create a healthier and more sustainable home environment. Join us on our Journey to a Healthier Home as we share tips and resources on reducing toxins in your home, choosing sustainable products, and improving your overall health and well-being.

Whether you’re looking to make small changes or overhaul your entire household, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Tune in to learn about the latest green trends and discover how you can positively impact your home and the planet. Together, we can create a haven of health and sustainability, one household at a time!

Tuesday Talks

& Monthly Guest Appearances

Connect with me every other Tuesday as I share the trials and tribulations of being an Eco Mama in this world of consumerism, high fashion, fast food and immediate gratification, while trying to raise healthy, happy and mindful children.

Our monthly guests appearances include field experts and real moms with actual stories of their experiences living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Focus Fridays

Series: Ingredients

Take a thorough analysis with me every other Friday to hear all about the harmful ingredients commonly found in our everyday home and personal care products. I cover a new ingredient every week, sharing what the ingredient is and why we should say “No Thank You” to it. I will reveal where you will commonly find it, and tell you what other names it can be disguised as.