2022 Sweet Dreams Crate

Photography by Brett Schmidt

Honey & Oatmeal Candle



The Rugged Company

Made in Nobelsville, IN

Product Details

The Oatmeal & Honey Soy Wax Candle by The Rugged Company is the perfect addition to any fall evening. Hints of cinnamon bring warmth, while honey and oatmeal wrap you in the comforts of home. Hand-poured, small-batch, pure essential oils. 

Made in the United States

Use & Care

Enjoy the scents of the season as soon as you open the lid.

Do not let it burn for more than four hours at a time. Never leave a lit candle unattended or where a child or pet can reach it.

About the Founders

The Rugged Company was born out of necessity.

Founder, Corey Cole, had trouble with his skin his entire life. After years of being unable to find an over-the-counter solution, he sought a holistic approach. Corey began to research and understand the power and properties of essential oils and natural ingredients. Thus, The Rugged Company was born!

Over the last few years, Corey and his team have developed high-quality formulas to make the best products.

About the Company

Rugged has grown from a single product to over 100 products they hand-make in their shop in Noblesville, IN.

Drawer Sashet



hoppy dreams sleep company

Made in Brevard, NC

Product Details
A dream come true! This drawer sash is the perfect blend of alpaca wool, hops and lavender. Tuck inside your pajama drawer to infuse the scents of sleep well herbs and rest well at night while your pajamas do the work for you.
Spot clean only.


Made in United States

Use & Care
  • Keep in your pajama drawer to infuse the scents that inspire a good night sleep into your sleep clothes.
About the Founders
Cindy Wilson
Cindy oversees the day-to-day operations of Natural Elements boutique, the home of the Hoppy Dreams Sleep Company. She is instrumental in the quality control of all natural materials used in the Hoppy Dreams product line. She and Al live in Lake Toxaway, N.C., with their two dogs and three cats. Cindy has worked with horses for over 40 years and is currently earning her certification as a therapeutic riding instructor. 
Al Wilson

Five years ago, at the ripe old age of 65, Al became a hops farmer. After learning just how versatile this plant is, including its sleep benefits, Hoppy Dreams Sleep Company was born. Al has brought together some of the people he loves most in the world to help others by providing what our bodies need the most – sleep. Hoppy Dreams Sleep Company has been a labor of love, and Al is very proud of what this talented team accomplishes daily.

Robin Eubanks

After retiring from the auction and antique business, Robin decided it was the perfect time to sharpen her sewing skills. Her love of vintage quilts and textiles led her to learn machine quilting and sewing home décor accessories and handbags. She also enjoys visiting local facilities with her certified therapy dog, Frankie. Robin and her husband, Jack, have happily made their home here in Brevard for over 25 years. 

Kristi Reagor
Kristi brings her eclectic professional background to the Hoppy Dreams Team. From floral design to managing celebrity properties and record stores to real estate sales & mortgage funding, Kristi’s done it all and brings a breadth of experience to the HDSC table. She loves trying new things and being creative while supporting others and building community. Kristi is a native of Charleston, SC, where she resides with her granite-toting, music-making husband, Randy, and their cheerleading teenage daughter, Ava. Brevard is Kristi’s home away from home, visiting monthly to keep the bonds strong and to visit a waterfall or two every chance she gets.
About the Company

Natural, Organic Ingredients

Each and every one of their ingredients are all-natural and certified organic. They strive to produce the highest quality alpaca fleece from herds raised in North Carolina, and all hops and medicinal herbs are sustainably sourced – primarily by partner farms in Transylvania County, North Carolina

Magnesium Spray



Magnum Solace

Made in Houston, TX

Product Details

Are you ready for a good night’s sleep? This magnesium spray not only promotes a more restful sleep and reduces anxiety, but is also used as an alternative pain reliever and helps minimize restless leg syndrome.

Magnesium helps the body with over 300 biochemical functions. Applying magnesium oil consistently can impact the body positively in a variety of ways. 

Made in United States

Use & Care
  • Spray on arms and legs before bed.
  • Using magnesium oil: Promotes better sleep, calms anxiety, helps with muscle recovery, boosts energy, reduces inflammation, relieves and prevents migraines, regulates diabetes and balances hormones.
  • Material: liquid.
About the Founder
When John (one of the co-owners) was training for the USA Olympic Swimming Trials in 2008, he and his partner started whipping up batches of magnesium oil in their kitchen. Topical magnesium helped him so much with muscle recovery and slept that they started sharing it with their family and friends. That’s when they began to understand just how big of an impact getting enough magnesium can have on health. Everyone was hooked. Before they knew it, they outgrew their kitchen to meet demand. Based in Houston, Texas, they’re still family-owned and operated (Marisol, John, and the kiddos!) With new products in the queue and getting more prominent in the health industry every day, they’re honored to be able to help others feel better, naturally!
About the Company

Premium topical magnesium products are sourced from magnesium chloride from one of the world’s most naturally healing bodies of water – the Dead Sea.

People have traveled to the Dead Sea for thousands of years to rejuvenate the body and promote healing. And now, you don’t have to take the trip! They’ve bottled the Dead Sea’s healing properties so that you can reap the benefits from the comfort of your home. Sourced by the Dead Sea and manufactured in the USA, all products are made with only the highest quality ingredients.

Hexagon Succulent Planter



Oh Yeah giftS

Made in Daytona Beach, FL

Product Details
  • Home Decor
  • Size: 2.5″h, Diameter: 5″- 4.5″, Inner Diameter: 4″- 3.5″
  • Made in the USA
  • Sustainable material is sourced from the USA
  • Handmade candle holders created by USA artisans
  • Eco-friendly cement stone pottery
    Use & Care
    • Multi-purpose holders for candles, plants, and organizing keepsakes
    • Holds three votive candles or tea light candles
    • Lightweight and strong unglazed cement candle holders are durable and paintable
    • Modern distressed minimalist style
    • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
    About the Founder

    The company was founded by Glenda Rolle in Oceanside, California in 2015.

    About the Company

    They are a feel-good, happy-go-lucky, fun-and-sunshine team, bringing positive vibes from coast to coast and everything in between!

    O Yeah Gifts was built from the ground up by owner Glenda Rolle in Oceanside, California in 2015. The foundational idea was to take her artistic background and gallery experience to ignite a fuse for fun, functional, creative jewelry and home decor that not only filled space or need but also brought happiness and love to those who bought her products. 
    O Yeah encapsulates the peaceful vibe that comes from a focus on nature. They not only promote and offer products inspired by nature; they also use natural elements in their handmade pottery, jewelry, and more. Everything from eco-friendly resins to sustainable pottery handcrafted with stone and made in the USA. They promote zero waste and a minimal footprint by creating consciousness of their surroundings and the Earth we all inhabit. 
    But it’s not all about them ~ YOU are their biggest inspiration! O Yeah jewelry is intended to be collected, traded, mixed, and matched. There is something for everyone, so share, gift and be good to yourself and others. O Yeah! 

    Beeswax Furniture Polish


    Hunting bee apiary

    Made in Colville, WA

    Product Details

    Ingredients: Beeswax, olive oil, and lemon essential oil.

    Important information: *External use only. *Stop using if irritating. 

    Net Weight:  2.88 oz (81.64g)

    Proceeds support Hunting Bee Apiary 

    Use & Care

    Perfect for any wood item that needs to be conditioned or polished. Feel free to grab a heaping scoop full with your rag and polish away!

    About the Founder

    Christal Gillom the founder of Hunting Bee Apiary, came up with a great company name that suited her lifestyle! She began beekeeping in 2018. Her bees make amazing products and she only makes the most natural products with the most natural ingredients! Her products are made for happiness with the help of her bees! All proceeds go to the honey bees!

    About the Company

    Hunting Bee Apiary owns and operates beehives. They love to rescue honey bee swarms and add them to their apiary. Their desire is to help honey bees and support all pollinators which are the world’s most important pollinators for food crops.

    Their passion is to educate the public about all pollinators & the benefits of keeping honey bees alive. Honey bees make incredible products that are good for humans. Honey is an included ingredient in most of their products! They love the healing benefits of honey bee products.

    Carpet Refresher


    Aunt fannie’s

    Made in Portland, OR 

    Product Details

    Refresh your home and neutralize odors.

    • 100% natural ingredients.

    • Great for homes with pets.

    • Feel-good essential oil scents.

    • Manufactured in the USA.

    • 16 oz.

    Ingredients: Baking SodaSilicaLemon Peel OilLitsea Cubeba Fruit OilPeppermint OilOrange Peel OilSpearmint Oil

    Use & Care

    Sprinkle on the carpet. Allow to settle for up to 15 minutes, then vacuum.

    About the Founders

    Mat Franken launched Aunt Fannie’s first product in 2015, after a years-long journey to understand and resolve his family’s mysterious and life-threatening medical conditions.

    “I never set out to be an entrepreneur or a health crusader. Like so many, my journey started with a health crisis. The quest for answers that followed changed us forever. Aunt Fannie’s is here to elevate and make well the sacred work of taking care of those we love. Ourselves, pets and planet included.” – Mat Franken

    About the Company

    Born out of a years-long journey to understand and resolve his family’s mysterious and life-threatening medical conditions, Mat Franken launched Aunt Fannie’s first product in 2015. Aunt Fannie’s is a health and wellness company making household products whose mission is to prioritize wellness from the outside in.

    Orange Vanilla Body Butter

    Humble Organics

    Made in Chicago, IL

    Product Details

    Orange Vanilla Body Butter

    Our handmade Orange Vanilla Body Butter is gentle, long lasting, and super nourishing. Instead of using harmful chemicals, or synthetic fragrances, we’ve developed a simple, non-toxic approach. Organic Orange Vanilla Body Butter is comprised of plant-derived ingredients including organic shea butter, coconut oil, organic orange essential oil, and vanilla hydrosol.


    Shea Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Beeswax*, Arrowroot Powder*, Orange Essential Oil*, Vanilla Hydrosol, Vitamin E

    *Organic Ingredients

    Use & Care

    BODY BUTTER: Lather this amazing scented body butter on your skin as needed. Best if used following your daily bath or shower. Towel dry and apply all over. It is advised to avoid excessive heat when storing this product.

    Please store in a cool dry place.

    About the Founder

    Humble-organics-foundersAnnemarie Ruiz is a hippie at heart who loves to do all things creative, among raising 3 small humans. She was a Commercial Food and Product Photographer for 14 years whose passion for helping others, and giving back inspired her to branch out and start a new journey.

    As a mother trying to alleviate her young daughter’s eczema symptoms, she was disheartened by so many products on shelf that were filled with chemicals and synthetic ingredients. She decided to take matters into her own hands and began formulating skincare products for her family’s daily use. With her little daughter by her side, in 2018 Humble Organics was born! 

    About the Company

    Humble Organics is a mother+daughter run, organic and natural body care line. From their studio just outside of Chicago, they produce simple, pure, and handmade products that are effective, yet gentle enough for all skin types, and all ages! Instead of using harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances, they’ve developed a non-toxic approach using plant-based ingredients. Their products are not only good for consumers, they are good for the environment.

    Today, Humble Organics products are carried in Whole Foods, Meijer, and just over 150 boutiques and spas around the U.S. 

    Annemarie, Liliana, and their team are on a mission to not only spread health and happiness to their customers, but to their community. Humble Organics donates 5% of profits to Lydia Home Chicago, a safe haven for children that is close to their home and their hearts.

    Please Note: All products are handmade with love.