2021 Sustainably Spoiled Box

Soft Linen Infinity Scarf



Made in Tigerville, SC

Product Details

Soft Linen Infinity Scarf

Beautiful soft linen scarves, handcrafted from Oeko-Tex linen.

Each infinity style scarf loop measures approximately:  39 inches x 10 inches.

Retail Value $39

Use & Care

Wear around your neck as a single layer scarf or double it for a warmer wear.

Wash gently by hand. Cold water only and NO optical brightener detergent. Hang to dry, out of direct sunlight. Steam or iron to soften again once dry. Do not dry your scarf in the dryer as this can cause damage.

About the Founder

Maranda is the maker/owner/founder of Loveheld. She is a mommy to five, with her youngest little love held close in their favorite LoveHeld sling each day. Their days are filled with giggles, homeschool projects, nature adventures, and the quiet, calming hum of her sewing machine each evening. Babywearing and serving others means so much to her family, which is always full of love and gratitude.

About the Company

Welcome to LoveHeld, a woman-owned and -operated small family business! You are invited to be held with love in every aspect of the journey so that you feel respected, supported, cherished and treasured every single day.

Commitment to Your Family

To support you (and your family) along your individual journey in the ever changing moments of everyday. To bring you joy through connection, comfort through super soft eco-friendly textiles and style through timeless pieces that highlight your unique beauty.


Commitment to Sustainability

Reducing landfill waste through creative reuse of textile remnants, supporting local economies by creating jobs for family-owned businesses and work-at-home caregivers while fostering an online community that supports equality and celebrates diversity.

Rosie the Riveter Socks


sleet & sole

Made in NY, NY

Product Details
REPREVE® Rosie the Riveter Socks

Rosie the Riveter Socks are the best sustainable socks ever. REPREVE® yarn is a high performance, American made, recycled yarn. By partnering with REPREVE®, we are able to repurpose 3 plastic bottles per pair of these eco friendly socks. Our Sleet & Sole designs make these the perfect 100% American made, eco socks for gifts or just to treat your own feet.

 75% REPREVE® From Recycled Plastic Bottles

 15% Polyamide

 10% Elastane

 Proudly Made in USA

(Retail Value $12.99)

Use & Care

Machine Wash, Tumble Dry.

About the Company

Sleet & Sole means sustainable American made socks. We are one of the very few sock manufacturers in the USA, let alone in the NYC area. Because we work tirelessly and do everything ourselves from design to product development to manufacturing, we don’t have to compromise… and that means neither do you.

And we are as committed to sustainable practices as we are to excellence. It’s a commitment that begins with the yarn we use from our recycled socks made from recycled plastic bottles to small batch merino wool socks to FSC bamboo fiber socks. But sustainable socks made in the USA don’t have to be boring or fall short when it comes to comfort.

At Sleet & Sole, we produce eco socks with the highest quality sustainable fabrics, unsurpassed coziness, and unique designs you actually want to show off.

Leather Stamped Key Chain


fauna wilde

Made in Blue Mound, IL

Product Details

This keychain is ideal for diffusing essential oils.

These keychains are handcrafted with vegetable tanned leather. No one piece of leather is alike! The high quality leather allows the aroma from the oils to diffuse for days.

(Retail $8)

Use & Care

Over time this keychain will become more beautiful as the leather darkens with use/age.

About the Founder

Fauna Wilde is a mama-owned, leather-craft business focused on enhancing everyday wellness. We seek to provide accessories that encourage the use of essential oils, nature’s weapon to live well. We value sustainability and longevity and are always looking to innovate how we carry every day accessories.Fauna-wilde-owner

About the Company

Leather goods for diffusing essential oils.

Bath Bomb & Body Butter

Essential-oil-wellness-bath-bomb eco-friendly-body-butter

Humble Organics

Made in Chicago, IL

Product Details

Wellness Bath Bomb

Our handmade Wellness Bath Bomb Single includes 1 3oz bath bomb that soothes sore muscles, softens skin, and provides aromatherapy. Instead of using synthetic dyes and fragrances to achieve the color and scent, we’ve developed a simple, non-toxic approach. Our Wellness Bath Bomb is comprised of french green clay, and a blend of organic peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils.


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, French Green Clay, Peppermint Essential Oil*, Eucalyptus Essential Oil*, Witch Hazel* *Organic Ingredients

*Our bath bombs are biodegradable! We’ve also constructed our packaging to be as eco-friendly as possible while protecting our pure essential oil scent. Currently sold with the following RECYLCABLE packaging elements:

-Silicone Coated Paper Bath Bomb Wrap
-Bath Bomb Sticker

(Retail Value $6)


    Orange Vanilla Body Butter

    Our handmade Orange Vanilla Body Butter is gentle, long lasting, and super nourishing. Instead of using harmful chemicals, or synthetic fragrances, we’ve developed a simple, non-toxic approach. Organic Orange Vanilla Body Butter is comprised of plant-derived ingredients including organic shea butter, coconut oil, organic orange essential oil, and vanilla hydrosol.


    Shea Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Beeswax*, Arrowroot Powder*, Orange Essential Oil*, Vanilla Hydrosol, Vitamin E

    *Organic Ingredients

    (Retail Value $11)

    Use & Care

    BATH BOMB: Fill the tub with water, drop in your bath bomb, slip into the goodness, relax and enjoy.

    BODY BUTTER: Lather this amazing scented body butter on your skin as needed. Best if used following your daily bath or shower. Towel dry and apply all over. It is advised to avoid excessive heat when storing this product.

    Please store both the bath bomb and the body butter in a cool dry place.

    About the Founder

    Humble-organics-foundersAnnemarie Ruiz is a hippie at heart who loves to do all things creative, among raising 3 small humans. She was a Commercial Food and Product Photographer for 14 years whose passion for helping others, and giving back inspired her to branch out and start a new journey.

    As a mother trying to alleviate her young daughter’s eczema symptoms, she was disheartened by so many products on shelf that were filled with chemicals and synthetic ingredients. She decided to take matters into her own hands and began formulating skincare products for her family’s daily use. With her little daughter by her side, in 2018 Humble Organics was born! 

    About the Company

    Humble Organics is a mother+daughter run, organic and natural body care line. From their studio just outside of Chicago, they produce simple, pure, and handmade products that are effective, yet gentle enough for all skin types, and all ages! Instead of using harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances, they’ve developed a non-toxic approach using plant-based ingredients. Their products are not only good for consumers, they are good for the environment.

    Today, Humble Organics products are carried in Whole Foods, Meijer, and just over 150 boutiques and spas around the U.S. 

    Annemarie, Liliana, and their team are on a mission to not only spread health and happiness to their customers, but to their community. Humble Organics donates 5% of profits to Lydia Home Chicago, a safe haven for children that is close to their home and their hearts.

    Please Note: All products are handmade with love.

    Nature's Window Bracelet


    green tree jewelry

    Made in San Diego, CA

    Product Details
    • Made in U.S.A
    • Style # 7521E
    • Size: 6.5″-8″
    • Made from sustainably sourced wood and 90% recycled display cards.
    • Laser-cut wood
    • Stained with water based dye

    (Retail Value $24.95)

    Use & Care
    • Adorn your wrist with this beautiful, simple window of nature.
    • Doubles as an essential oil diffuser! Just add desired oil to natural wood back!
    • Keep away from water.
    About the Founder

    Green Tree’s Founder, Lance Nybye Jr., started pondering the idea of creating puzzles when his wife and business partner, Autumn, asked him to do puzzles for their son with autism to help with visual reception and fine motor skills. Lance was inspired to design puzzles after crafting a giant puzzle for their son’s school art auction. Since Lance’s father started Green Tree’s parent company over 30 years ago using the same jigsaw machine used to create puzzles, it’s only fitting that Green Tree supplies puzzles today.

    About the Company

    Green Tree Jewelry is a family-owned business in San Diego, CA, that proudly designs and crafts lightweight, eco-friendly wood and bamboo jewelry and wooden jigsaw puzzles, wood home décor, and holiday items (also offered in 100% recycled paper) in the United States.

    Their jewelry findings are hypoallergenic stainless steel, which is excellent for sensitive ears. In addition, you can find eco-friendly components of their products in their reforestation efforts with all wood used to the water-based dye processes (with over 30 different colors available). They also offer custom designs. With their full-color process, they can print high-resolution images on one side of the wood, leaving the backside natural to double as an essential oil diffuser!