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Rockin’ Green Sports Spray

(Retail Value $9.95)


Made in Charlotte, NC, USA

Product Details

Active Wear Sports Spray (Retail Value $9.95)

Platinum Series Active Wear Sports Spray is the missing piece in an active lifestyle. Save some green with the Active Wear Sports Spray Three Pack — stow this essential odor neutralizer in your gym bag, in the car and one at the office for those totally-worth-the-sweat lunch workouts. (Or just be a good friend and share with a couple of your favorite people.) Platinum Series Active Wear Sports Spray keeps funky, sweaty things fresh when you can’t properly wash them right away. It’s a green and clean odor neutralizer formulated with mint and eucalyptus, which also possesses antibacterial properties. Spray, wipe or dry and be on your way.  

  •      Biodegradable, plant-based odor neutralizer
  •      Gentle on high-tech activewear fabrics
  •      Naturally scented with mint and eucalyptus essential oils
  •      Instantly freshens items and neutralizes odors
  •      Spray on sneakers, gym bags, yoga mats, car seats, couches, pet beds, and more!
Use & Care

Active Wear Sports Spray

Spray on musty, sweaty, funky items (especially those used during workouts) — wipe or air dry, and smell the minty freshness.


About the Founder

The product line was developed by a mom who was fed up with the mis-labeling of supposed “green” cleaners and frankly, not happy with the performance of other so-called eco-friendly products.

This specially designed automatic dish detergent formula works in even the harshest of water conditions. There’s no need for added boosters or rinse aids when you use this green and clean detergent.

Need more convincing? Their plant derived enzymes and natural scrubbing agents eliminate the need to pre-wash, saving time and water by reducing your washing workload. Like all Rockin’ Green products, they only use biodegradable, all natural ingredients for their Auto Dish Detergent, and never use any SLS/SLES, parabens, phosphates, dyes, chlorine, or artificial fragrances.  Feel confident doing your dishes with a natural, non-toxic, limited ingredient product designed for a happy home and happy planet.  Wash on, my friends!

This product comes in a 16oz pouch and does up to 30 loads.

About the Company
Their mission is to create green cleaning products that are hard working to meet the demands of every family, gentle on sensitive skin, AND earth-friendly. They work everyday to make sure they release only the best formulas. Since 2009, Rockin’ Green has been providing safe, environmentally conscious, and economical cleaning products.

All of their products are plant-based, biodegradable and non-toxic. They’re never tested on animals. They are vegan, gluten-free, SLS/SLES-free, paraben-free, free of optical brighteners and are safe for sensitive skin.

They are committed to bringing safe, hard working products that you can feel good about using in your own home.

Laundry Stain Stick Remover

(Retail Value $8laundry-stain-stick)

Shady creek farm

Made in Dallas, NC

Product Details

One bar of Laundry Stain Stick – all natural, handmade, unscented, vegan
Weight – approx. 2 oz.

The Laundry Stain Stick works great getting out dirt, grease, blood, and many other types of stains that are hard to get out. This stain stick is the best we have ever used and it is all natural. No harsh chemicals to worry about. We just love it and know that you will too!

Ingredients: Saponified oils of Olive and Palm, water

Use & Care

To use, just wet the stained area of clothing with water and rub the stain stick over the soiled area. Then toss into the laundry pile until your next wash. You don’t need to wash it immediately. When not in use, keep dry and away from heat.

About the Founder

Farm Life, organic produce, meats and laundry care products. 

About the Company

Shady Creek Farms in Dallas, NC. 


Woolie Dryer Balls wool-dryer-balls(Retail $10)

Organic chix

Made in Connecticut, USA

Product Details

Woolie Dryer Balls – Set of 2

100% pure wool balls.  Cut your drying time down saving you money.  You will never have to buy dryer sheets again. Say goodbye to harsh chemical build up in the lint filter and on your clothes.  Enjoy 25%-50% less drying time, softer fluffier clothes that are wrinkle free.

Use & Care

 Sprinkle with a few drops of your favorite essential oils (optional) and toss into your dryer to reduce drying time.

About the Founder

Catherine Hix

As I searched for organic and biodegradable products I began to play with making my own. It all began with laundry soap. With 5 in our family plus two large dogs we would plow through the laundry and it just seemed to smell like a cover up with perfume detergent. After many batches we came up with a simple yet effective recipe for amazing soap. Your laundry will smell fresher be cleaner without all the chemicals and fake perfumes.
Again with kids and dogs we spend lots of money on cleaning products that are chemical free. I was determined to develop a surface cleaner and wood floor cleaner that would not be harmful for my family.

These are just a few ideas. Our product line is continuing to expand and develop. We hope you and your family will enjoy using our products in your journey to rid your environment of harmful toxins!

About the Company

Organic Chix believes in an all-natural way to get everyday life clean. Our products are full of plant-derived ingredients and essential oils and none of the harmful ingredients in other cleaners. Our products are powerful against germs, dirt & grime! Enjoy the fresh scents while you clean… and feel good about what you’re using!


Tranquility Essential Oil

tranquility-essential-oil(Retail Value $15.49)

the rustic apothecary

Made in Simpsonville, SC

Product Details

Lavender is a versatile complex scent, both refreshing & calming.
Infused with jasmine & palmarosa, this exquisite essence, whether day or night, the enchantment of these divine botanicals, balances and grounds the spirit and mind.

Aromatic family: Earthy Moody Floral

Ingredients: Proprietary infused & steam-distilled essential oil blend.
Free of parabens, phthalates, and alcohol.
Cruelty-free & vegan.

Use & Care

For laundry, drop a few drops on your wool dryer balls before tossing into the dryer with your clothes.

For diffuser, 5-15 drops will do the trick.

About the Founder


Owner and Founder, Andrea Johnson, has a severe soy allergy, and as we know, it is in nearly everything. Soy derivatives hide within store-made bread, perfumes, and even herbals teas. Her mission is to create recipes & products with organic, clean, soy-free ingredients. Not only is she an Intuitive Herbalist, but she received education from the University of Minnesota with Integrative Health and Medicine Specialization, including Clinical Aromatherapy, as well as Natural Perfumery & Herbalism at The Herbal Academy. 

About the Company

Every single oil is either steam-distilled or infused in-house. Any oils she purchases beyond her four walls are from local farms or essential oil organizations with the highest quality. Nothing less. Nothing rushed. No mass batches. All orders are made to order. Not one oil sits on the shelf for months. All are protected, created, and cared for with respect. Her garden is organic; zero pesticides are used, just mother nature. All bottles are sterilized and blessed.

She is proud of her one-woman show and the oils she creates. Although each one has a sliver of her soul, she will scrap it and start again if she’s not happy with a blend. She will never put out a subpar product. Ever. When she says her oils are pure, she means it. Zero alcohol, water, or crazy words you can’t pronounce. Not all oil perfumes and colognes are created equal. Know what you are putting on your skin.the-rustic-woman-&-apothecary-logo

Laundry Mesh Bags

(Retail Value $5-7kndhuman-laundry-bags)


Made in Winston-Salem, NC

Product Details

Made of unbleached 100% cotton. Biodegradable, reusable and washable.

Easy open double drawstrings with double-stitched seams.


Use & Care

Care instructions:
Wash on a gentle cycle in cool water. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Your bags are made of 100% cotton, it will shrink in size when washed, but will stretch back when used again.

About the Founder

Regilda is a wife and a mom. A nurse by profession. She loves the earth and likes to be kind.


About the Company

A one woman show who loves to create products that are good for people and kind to the earth.

kndhuman’s mission is to inspire everybody to take part in taking care of our Earth.

From the Founder:

Why the name kndhuman? And why it’s always spelled with lower case k?
I believe kindness makes us all human. I don’t know, I just feel like aside from kindness I want to emanate humility if that makes sense.
So where’s the “i” in kind?
Well, it’s just easier to be kind if our reasons don’t revolve around me, myself and “I.”

Green Writers Press Books

green writers Press

Made in Vermont

Product Details
COME TOGETHER, A non-fiction book by DANA SIMSON

Come Together is an engaging handbook to launch a movement of individuals to tackle global warming by simply retooling our daily actions. Easy proactive steps develop a long-term perspective based on civility, integrity, and an invigorating love for our Earth. Save money, lose the clutter, live well, feel happy and healthier as you pull for the planet.

Find actions you can take to reach out to others positively to go forward together. We can agree on one common goal. We must address the health of the Earth and take steps to live more mindfully daily. Come Together addresses how to tackle areas in your home or office to simplify, declutter and create a greener, healthier space. All areas of your day, from travel to shopping and eating better, are covered. Learn to make your personal care products and about the health benefits of essential oils. Save money and remove toxic products from your home by using simple ingredients to create better cleaning supplies than chemical leaden commercial ones. 

Learn about toxins that are not only bad for you but can easily flow from your home into water supplies and the water we drink. It is as easy as changing your mindset to care. Pro-active practices make it easy to avoid buying into our addiction to plastic and false conveniences.

Use & Care

Read, read and read again. The words in this book are an essential guide for having an everlasting positive impact on our earth and the future generations that will call this world home. Pass this book on. The more people that read it and apply the principles within, the greater chance our Earth has for a healthier tomorrow.

About the Founder
DEDE CUMMINGS, Founder of The Green Writers Press

Dede Cummings is a writer, book designer, and publisher. Dede attended Middlebury College, where she discovered cross-country skiing, majored in English, and received the Mary Dunning Thwing Award for poetry. 

Throughout the 1980s, Dede worked at Little, Brown & Company, rising to the senior book designer. When the company was bought by Time/Warner and moved to New York, Dede headed north to return to Vermont and start freelancing as a designer.

She lives next to an apple orchard on a dirt road in Brattleboro, Vermont, with her family, where the home office also looks out onto a solar array, installed in 2014, that powers the press from the sun.

DANA SIMSON, Author of Come Together

Dana Simson dwells in a place of deep love for our natural world and the beauty it so generously offers us. At home, surrounded by a big sky and the Chesapeake Bay, each day comes with visual gifts that fill her heart. She is quite content spending the day with her animal friends, chatting at length with any creature that will listen. This is the fuel that runs her imagination. There is never enough time to pull all the ideas that form out into a painting or ceramic. Each day is a new opportunity to enjoy the journey onward.

Dana Simson’s engaging imagery has been licensed in fabric, rugs, stationery, home decor, gift items, and tabletop. She has 15 published books, including four children’s picture books, gift books, a pop-up book, and her latest Come Together: A Handbook to Retool for the Future. Dana’s work is in many private collections and several museums. In addition, her artwork has been featured in many national magazines placed in TV shows and Hollywood movies, including Titanic.

About the Company

Green Writers Press, an independent, Vermont-based publishing company, is dedicated to spreading environmental
awareness and social justice by publishing authors who promulgate messages of hope and renewal through place-based writing and environmental activism.

In the past five years, Green Writers Press has expanded significantly, publishing such authors as Julia Alvarez, John Elder, Dr. M Jackson, and former Vermont Governor, Madeleine Kunin.

Its mission is to spread a message of hope and renewal through the words and images they publish. Throughout they will adhere to their commitment to preserving and protecting the natural resources of the earth. To that end, a percentage of their proceeds will be donated to environmental activist groups and social justice organizations.