I’ve got a Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide for you!

If you haven’t finished your shopping yet, you might be searching high and low for a few last-minute gifts. But, sadly, last-minute gifts rarely win in the thoughtful and purposeful categories. That is why I made something just for you.

This year, I have put together a list of a few gifts that all are sure to love. Each item is eco-friendly, quality American-made from sustainable brands.

When creating this list, I searched for things I thought you would like. One of the most challenging things for eco-conscious consumers like us is finding the right products and brands that don’t compromise our values. It takes a lot of work and research to find things that are safe and perform, beautiful and quality and made with a minimal footprint on our earth. This is precisely why I made you this Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide.

It’s only ten days until Christmas, so now is the time to get those last few special items. Here are five gifts sure to satisfy those special people on your gift-giving list.




Let’s start with fashion. Fast fashion is not good for the environment, this we can agree. But where can we find clothes that are made well, stylish and safe for us? Let me introduce you to Majamas Earth.

Majamas Earth is an ethical, sustainable clothing brand. All garments are made in the USA by people treated ethically and paid fair wages. The small brand uses recycled and reclaimed materials to create their slow fashion products and never uses chemicals to treat the items they produce.

The entire line is great for women and teens. This lounge set is my newest favorite go-to. They even have a hoodie you can buy with it for these cooler months.


MAJAMAS EARTH – Organic-Cotton Lounge Set – $105




I believe in gifting my children with presents that encourage creativity. The stix are made of yarn and coated with wax. That’s it—super simple ingredients for hours of fun play. No screen is needed. Great for ages 3-103.

We bought a set of these last year for Christmas for our kids, then 6, 8, and 9, and they did not disappoint. Our kids still play with them today.sustainable-eco-freindly-wikki-stix-gift

WIKKI STIX Super Wikki Stix Set – $22 Best for Ages 3+




If you have never heard of Dr. Squatch before, you are in for a real treat. Not only are the products top-notch, but their marketing is pure entertainment. Dr. Squatch produces all-natural products, without any harmful ingredients, specially formulated for men. It all began with a man named Jack. He loved natural ingredients in products, so he started making his own in his garage. He then reached out to other men he thought would enjoy, and Dr. Squatch was born.

They have many different scents they offer, as well as an array of products my husband and brother-in-law both equally enjoy. Pine Tar happens to be my personal favorite. Also, I highly suggest you check out their YouTube Channel the next time you need a good laugh. These guys are hilarious.sustainable-made-eco-friendly-deodarant

DR. SQUATCH – Pine Tar Deodarant – $12




Who doesn’t love a good gift? Everyone loves a good gift. And this one is even for that friend you think already has everything. The gift? Well, it’s socks, of course. But not just any socks. These are Solmate Socks. They are a brand that believes life is too short for matching socks. So much so that every pair is made intentionally not to match perfectly but rather to complement each other. Solmate also makes hats, mittens, and scarves. They have a delightful array of colors to choose from, from whimsical, to feminine, from playful to masculine. They have designs for every personality under the sun.sustainable-organic-cotton-mismatched-socks

SOLMATES – Foxtail Crew Socks – $20




What fun is Christmas shopping if you don’t throw a little something in the cart for yourself this time of year? My favorite gift on the list this year is a flight of bath bombs from Humble Organics. A dynamic mother-daughter team runs this great company. The concept for the business was born when a loving mother became frustrated when she couldn’t find quality products that were chemical-free and safe to use on her daughter that suffered from eczema. So in 2018, she took matters into her own hands and began the journey of creating safe products for all free of chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

They create all products in small batches and fill the streets outside of their small Chicago studio with mesmerizing scents with every new pour. When the box arrived at my home, I could smell the essential oils before I even opened the package. So I bought one for my friend, one for me, and the children’s sets for each of my three kids to put under our tree this year.sustainable-eco-friendly-bath-bomb-flight-gift

Bath Bomb Flight – Humble Organics LLC ( – $19



gift-guide-on-cell-phone-imageIf you haven’t found what you were looking for yet, there’s more. I created a complete Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide with 25 unique items. Categories are organized into Her, Him, Kids, and Everyone, just like you read above. And any item on the list you like can be just for you.

To get the complete list, click here.


If you like learning about more Sustainable American-Made Brands, you might enjoy reading one of my previous posts, The Rustic Apothecary from Greenville, SCRejewel from Miami, FL or The Herb Garden from Greer, SC.

Happy shopping!

Sustainably Yours,

Jaime Snell


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