Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Mosquito & Tick Repellent


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Finally, a mosquito repellent that smells good doesn't leave my skin sticky and keeps those pesky bloodsuckers at bay. The new mist application is easy; even your kids could do it themselves.*

I keep one bottle in our camping gear, one in our garage for yard play, and a third in an 'on-the-go' bag when the kids and I hit the park during the warmer months. It's good stuff, friends!

No more excuses not to enjoy the great outdoors. Unless it's hot, that's another topic, though.

*Don't let them, though. If they are anything like mine, they will spray each other's on 'accident.' Not a fun experience. Trust this mama.

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Weight6 oz


Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (30%)
Distilled Water and Corn Ethanol (70%)

The oil of lemon eucalyptus is carefully harvested by hand using a waste-free, regenerative process for soil and land management.


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