The brands we carry are from small businesses working hard to provide quality products for your home care and personal needs. These products are all made in the USA without harmful chemicals. Sustainable sourcing and ethical labor are at the heart of these brands.

ECO CRATES of America is honored to collaborate with each of these businesses. We celebrate the goodness they create for all of us to enjoy sustainable luxury products without harming ourselves or the earth.

Do you have a brand you love? If they make products in the USA for home and personal care and have a heart for sustainability and social responsibility, we want to meet them. We love collaborating with goodness and lifting others. We thrive when we are learning and growing with like-minded brands while cultivating a better tomorrow for the future of all.

Let’s all seek people, the planet, and products before profit.

Personal Care

Many traditional personal care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions, and makeup, contain harmful ingredients for us. These ingredients can be toxic to our bodies.

Switching to brands that refuse to use ingredients linked to cancers, allergies, and other health disorders is an excellent way to safeguard your health and the health of those you love.

ECO CRATES of America only carries products free from these harmful chemicals. Not only do we avoid ingredients such as fragrances, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and formaldehyde, but we have a complete list of ingredients we strive to avoid. You can find our ‘No Thank You List’ here and learn what these ingredients are, why we strive to avoid them, what they are also known as and which products you might find them.

Safe ingredients are not only healthier for you but for our planet as well.


A healthy family begins with a healthy home. While we cannot control everything in this world, we have power over what we bring into our homes. By choosing home care and personal care products made with clean, safe ingredients, you are not only creating a healthier home but a healthier you.

Too many chemicals are unregulated in the USA for standard home cleaning and personal care products. Knowing which ingredients are safe and which brands to trust for you, your children, or even your pets is challenging.

ECO CRATES of America’s mission is to make buying quality products with clean ingredients easy and accessible. We thoroughly vet all our vendors and products to ensure you have the best quality products with safe ingredients. We intentionally source from small-American businesses that prefer to produce in small batches and use sustainable practices at every step of their manufacturing processes, from sourcing raw materials to packaging. Transparency and ethical labor practices are just as vital.

We aim to be your trusted source for creating a home free from harmful ingredients while supporting local businesses across the USA that put people, the planet, and products before profit.

Family Care

Our mission at ECO CRATES of America is to provide quality products made with clean ingredients for home and personal care that is kid-friendly, pet-safe, and mom-approved. Some products are created for different ages, while others might adhere to a feminine or masculine outcome.

While most products can work for all genres, a few we suggest are best for specific audiences. For example, I believe newborns should use as few products as possible. None of that is an option for you. So we rarely suggest products geared towards adults for newborns. Only if the manufacturer states so or if it is made specifically for that age.

Some products might contain essential oil scents that either men or women prefer, while kids might find the scents off-putting. Therefore, we have grouped them as we have for easy navigation. If it is safe for those under 18, they are also included as a safe category for that age group.