Essential Oil Diffusers

Don’t waste your breath masking bad smells with artificial perfumes, plug-ins, and sprays that will clog your lungs and trigger your allergies. Instead, stick with pure essential oils in essential oil diffusers to help cleanse the air and leave you breathing easier.

Essential oil diffusers can be simple wooden decor, jewelry, battery-operated, or elaborate plug-in machines. Essential oils have the power to transform any mood in any room without sacrificing your health.

  • Basil Oil – Encourages concentration, uplifting.
  • Bergamot Oil – Calms & uplifts mood.
  • Clary Sage Oil – Encourages euphoria & well-being, calming.
  • Frankincense Oil – Slows breathing, refreshes the mind, calming, comforting.
  • Geranium Oil – Calming, uplifts spirits, balancing.
  • Lavender Oil – Calming and relaxing; reduces anxious feelings, calms strong emotions, and eases tension.
  • Frankincense Oil – renewing and soothing; encourages tranquility, reduces mental distraction, and focuses the mind.
  • Peppermint Oil – energizing; stimulates and awakens the nerves and the brain, enhancing concentration and study; quickly alleviates mental fatigue and provides an energy boost.

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