Women deserve safe, healthy, quality ingredients at every phase of life. However, creating a safe home, free from harmful chemicals and safe for children and pets, is not easy. Add in our desire for luxury creature comforts we have become accustomed to, and it seems impossible to achieve.

We are here to do the heavy lifting for you. We connect with small businesses across America that have created brands specifically made safe for us to use. Each brand has a story of what inspired them to begin making home and personal care products without harmful ingredients. Some have been affected personally, while others have had loved ones affected by the adverse effects of toxic ingredients in our everyday products. But, one thing they all have in common is a mission to bring safer products, with clean ingredients, to everyone, without compromising the place we ALL call home, Mother Earth.

The brands we carry at ECO CRATES of America are small, local, and full of heart. Their products are high quality with exceptional performance. Sustainable luxury is achievable for you with the products they create for you.

We do the hard work for you, cross-referencing every product’s fully transparent ingredient list with our No Thank You List to provide you with the safest home care and personal care products available in the USA.

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