Sheer Miracle

Sheer Miracle began in the founder’s kitchen in 2004. She was fed up with irritation and non-stop breakouts from the makeup and skincare in the marketplace. Nothing worked for her ULTRA-sensitive skin.

She started experimenting with minimalist DIY beauty recipes at home. After many hours in “the lab” (and lots of trial and error), she ended up with simple recipes – without all the harsh chemicals and preservatives – that were effective and got results.  Friends and family started using her formulas and loved them. Then friends of friends started asking for them – and Sheer Miracle was born.

Demand increased due to the plethora of sensitive-skinned folks in need of products that didn’t irritate their skin. The company, and product line, has since grown by leaps and bounds since then. However, real humans still make their minimalist, green beauty products weekly in small batches.
From natural, minimalist ingredients to sustainable, recyclable packaging, they keep it simple and eco-friendly. Simple means their products are uber-hypoallergenic. Fewer ingredients equate to less chance of allergic reaction – even on the most sensitive skin.
All ingredients have been tested (on human volunteers, NEVER on animals) to be sensitive skin friendly.

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