Organic Chix

Organic Chix believes in an all-natural way to get everyday life clean. Their products are full of plant-derived ingredients and essential oils and none of the harmful ingredients commonly found in other cleaners.

Their products are powerful against germs, dirt & grime!

Organic Chix provides fresh scents while you clean… and lets you feel good about what you’re using!

The founder, Catherine Hix, searched high and low for organic and biodegradable products. With limited options, she began to play with making her own.

It all began with laundry soap. Her family of five, plus two large dogs, plowed through clean laundry daily. With mainstream detergents, every load produced clothes that smelled like a coverup of perfumed detergent. After many batches, she came up with a simple yet effective recipe for a fantastic soap.

With Organic Chix, your laundry can smell fresher and cleaner without all the chemicals and fake perfumes.

Also, with kids and dogs, they spent lots of money on cleaning products. Catherine was determined to develop a surface cleaner and wood floor cleaner that would not be harmful to her family.

The product line at Organic Chix continues to develop and expand. Her goal is to help you in your journey to rid your environment of harmful toxins!

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