No Tox Life

No Tox Life is a family-owned brand., run by a dynamic mother-and-daughter team passionate about clean, healthy living. Their business was born from the desire to provide quality, vegan body and home care to help you live a cleaner, greener lifestyle.

Sandee got interested in living a non-toxic lifestyle many decades ago. As a little girl, she experienced a bad reaction to the ingredients in a perfume that left red welts on her skin. Then, as a teenager, she participated in the first annual Earth Day. And living a natural lifestyle began.

In 2013, Sandee started experimenting with making soap, bath, and body products. She invested hundreds of hours of testing and learning. Soapmaking and cosmetics formulation merged her passions, math, science, and art. Initially, she gave products as gifts for friends and family. Then, visiting her local grocery store one day, she read the “natural” shampoo ingredients. She then realized that they were full of harsh, drying detergents causing her scalp issues. The idea of No Tox Life was born – helping people switch to a genuinely non-toxic lifestyle.

Sandee’s daughter Callie Milford is No Tox Life’s co-founder and creative director. She designs & formulates new products with her mom. She also directs the brand’s look and manages sales to the hundreds of independent grocery stores, zero-waste stores, and lifestyle stores carrying the line.

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