Murphy's Naturals

How Murphy’s Naturals got its name: There was once a dog named Murphy who loved spending time outdoors. His human, Philip, was always by his side. They started doing more and more activities together out. Day after day, they enjoyed each other’s company, from long hikes to camping, breathing in the fresh air, soaking in the sun, and savoring the elements of nature.

While Murphy, the dog, was completely content with the arrangement, his human, Philip, had one obstacle in his way, blocking his contentment. Mr. Mosquito!!

Philip decided to create a natural deterrent to ward away Mr. Mosquito, so nothing could stand in the way of enjoying time outdoors with Murphy.

And this is how Murphy’s Naturals was inspired.

Today, it is an All American Brand priding itself on clean ingredients derived from nature, is B Certified, and gives 2% of revenue back to environmental, local nonprofits, and goodwill organizations.

The universal philosophy at Murphy’s Naturals is Doing Others Good, better known as D.O.G.

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