Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet is a vegan personal care brand for everybody. They prioritize ethical and low-waste business practices while providing quality, handmade & cruelty-free products.

Founded by Tara Pelletier (she/they) and Jeff Kurosaki (they/them), who met in Brooklyn in 2009 at an art school in Michigan. They both possessed an innate openness and curiosity. Curiosity struck when a handmade soap gift left their skin feeling better than commercial bars. So, together, they learned everything they could about making soap at home. The result was a creamy, skin-nourishing formula. It received accolades from family & friends. Bolstered by the positive feedback, they found their all-natural vegan apothecary Meow Meow Tweet, named for their two beloved cats and Jeff’s bird.

From soap to natural insect repellant and deodorant cream to a complete facial regime, they are committed to creating pure, all-natural, plant and mineral-based formulas.

Along with Meow Meow Tweet, Tara and Jeff work together as a collaborative artist team, creating sculptures, music, and performances. The team relocated to the Hudson Valley in the beautiful Catskill Mountains during the winter of 2015. Surrounded by nature, they continue to find inspiration to infuse into their art and their cherished brand.

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