2021 Kitchen Essentials Box

Rockin’ Green Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

(Retail Value $15.95)


Made in Charlotte, NC, USA

Use & Care

Add your dirtiest dishes to the dishwasher (no need to pre-wash!), then add 1-2 tablespoons of Auto Dish dishwasher detergent. Run your usual cycle. BAM! No more mess.

About the Company
Their mission is to create green cleaning products that are hard working to meet the demands of every family, gentle on sensitive skin, AND earth-friendly. They work everyday to make sure they release only the best formulas. Since 2009, Rockin’ Green has been providing safe, environmentally conscious, and economical cleaning products.

All of their products are plant-based, biodegradable and non-toxic. They’re never tested on animals. They are vegan, gluten-free, SLS/SLES-free, paraben-free, free of optical brighteners and are safe for sensitive skin.

They are committed to bringing safe, hard working products that you can feel good about using in your own home.

About the Founder

The product line was developed by a mom who was fed up with the mis-labeling of supposed “green” cleaners and frankly, not happy with the performance of other so-called eco-friendly products.

This specially designed automatic dish detergent formula works in even the harshest of water conditions. There’s no need for added boosters or rinse aids when you use this green and clean detergent.

Need more convincing? Their plant derived enzymes and natural scrubbing agents eliminate the need to pre-wash, saving time and water by reducing your washing workload. Like all Rockin’ Green products, they only use biodegradable, all natural ingredients for their Auto Dish Detergent, and never use any SLS/SLES, parabens, phosphates, dyes, chlorine, or artificial fragrances.  Feel confident doing your dishes with a natural, non-toxic, limited ingredient product designed for a happy home and happy planet.  Wash on, my friends!

This product comes in a 16oz pouch and does up to 30 loads.

Herb Garden Soap Bars

(Retail Value $6)

HErb Garden Soaps

Made in Greer, SC

About the Company

The Herb Garden was founded in 2001 with handcrafted vegetable oil soap. Since then, the business has expanded to include a variety of herbal skin-care products. The founder’s goal is to create products that nourish every skin, are enjoyable to use, and contain no unnecessary additives. They continue to develop and add to their product line as the testing on willing family and friends is satisfactory.

All of their products are created and produced in small batches with utmost attention to quality ingredients and skin nutrition in order to provide the best possible skin-care products.  There is no use of dyes or artificial colorants in their products.  All of the color, texture, and visual interest is created with herbs, spices, flowers, fruit fibers and clays.  Some of the herbs used are grown in the creator’s own garden, while others are sourced from reputable, pesticide-free suppliers.

The Herb Garden’s mission is to create fine herbal products, while helping customers make informed decisions about their health, skin-care products and ingredients found in products they are using. 

About the Founder

indy Jantz is the founder of The Herb Garden.  Here is her story, in her own words:

There were three things that propelled me into making soap.

About 20 years ago my niece was hospitalized in very serious condition. When she was released, her nutritionist explained that when you put something into your body that your body can’t use (chemicals, etc) your immune system has to deal with that and hers was already overloaded. She was advised to watch not only what she put into her body but also what she put on her skin. I was intrigued and began researching what was in my skin-care products.

I was struggling with skin issues of my own and had begun experimenting with natural ingredients. At the same time I had planted an herb garden and began learning about the value of herbs.

When I first started making soap it was so much fun, I just kept trying new recipes and new ingredients. I quickly realized that we were accumulating more soap than we would ever use so I gave it away to my friends. That was the start of my business as friends returned asking if they could buy soap.

I love making soap. I love creating products that look beautiful. I love how my skin feels. I love helping people improve their skin and clear some of the unhealthy products out of their life. 

Use & Care

All handmade soap is high in natural glycerin leaving your skin feeling soft and silky smooth. Be sure your soap does not sit in water between uses. Allowing air to circulate around the bar dries out the soap and makes it last longer. 

Product Details

The Herb Garden: Lemon, Sage & Ginger Bar Soap

A wonderful combination of scents, this soap is a best seller.

Ingredients: olive oil, distilled water, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, castor oil, lemon peel powder, essential oil blend, vitamin e.


The Herb Garden: Cedarwood & Sage Bar Soap

Very earthy and herbal with essential oils of cedarwood and sage.

Ingredients: distilled water, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, cocoa butter, cedarwood essential oil, sage essential oil, sage powder, spirulina powder, vitamin e.


The Herb Garden: Lemon, Honey & Kefir Bar Soap

A new favorite — the honey and the lemon give it an amazing scent and the kefir gives it lovely lather!

Soap Lift & Waterfall Dish

Waterfall-Soap-Dishes(Retail Value $5.00 each)three-Soap-lifts

Sea Lark Enterprises, Inc.

Soap Lift Company – Made in Connecticut, USA

Use & Care

Rinse under warm water as needed to remove any soap residue.

About the Company

Sea Lark Enterprises, LLC is a woman owned, family run company and the home of the Original Soap Lift. They are immensely proud that all of the material in and on every single one of their products is 100% made in the U.S.A. and sourced from small companies just like themselves. They are committed to providing the highest quality products and make every effort to be as environmentally conscious as possible. The Soap Lift is made from a corn based bioplastic, is REACH compliant and wrapped in a recycled craft paper. Not only will the Soap Lift help your soap last longer, you can feel good that it is upcycled too!

About the Founder

If you ask the owners where this idea came from, they will laugh. Frustrated with his wife’s complaining about his bar soap leaving soap scum all over the shower, Bill cobbled together a self draining pad to stick underneath it and voila the Soap Lift was born! The one and only Soap Lift sat in their shower for a year until a family member asked for one, then friends started asking and they realized they had something worth sharing. Many prototypes later and countless trials of different materials, they finally found the perfect combination.  Cutting them by hand out of their garage and working farmers markets slowly evolved to what Sea Lark Enterprises is today, a small business dedicated to giving back to the community that supported them from the very beginning.


wooden-Herb-stripper(Retail Value $19.83)


Made in Eureka, MT

Use & Care

Don’t put it in the dishwasher, that would just be silly. It is natural wood and should be hand washed. However, you’re stripping healthy herbs, not stirring gravy so it shouldn’t get real dirty anyways. 

Remember – You can cook healthy and natural recipes with your wooden herb stripper!

About the Company

TFTWood stands for The Family Tree WOODworking and truly represents them as a family. Their little branches are not only excellent helpers in the wood shop but their WHY! They strive to deliver functional pieces with a focus on wood. They love what they do and are blessed to do what they love!

They handcraft various kitchen gadgets, accessories and gifts with a focus on wood. Additionally, they LOVE making custom luxury furniture. With this passion comes a commitment to making heirloom quality pieces. All items in the collection “Made by TFTWood” are in fact handcrafted by them! They also have fallen in love with other complimentary wood brands and are excited to bring an extension of those products to you as well! 

About the Founder

Family-in-wood-shopWe’re Tricia & Zach Tift and we are Veteran owned and family operated woodworkers! We’re a dynamic duo – our master carpenter is an Air Force Veteran and his other half is a mother of 4. We are located in the beautiful town of Eureka, MT.

Spatty Kitchen Set

Spatty-utensil(Retail Value $11.99)


Made in Easley, SC

Use & Care

I have reached out to the founder to confirm if these are dishwasher safe. Until otherwise noted, I would simply handwash. I will update as soon as I hear back from her. 

Also, please note the packaging was removed from this product, as it simply would not fit into the box. They items are new.

About the Company

The Kitchen Spatty® Tools are a MUST HAVE kitchen tool! Spatty® solves the problem of not being able to get your food products out of the container when it is no longer easy to get out!

  • Spatty® fits into virtually any bottled, canned, etc. food product on the market
  • Spatty® easily moves around the sides, corners, and bottom of bottled, canned, etc. food products to GET EVERY LAST DROP® of product!
  • Also great for MIXING, SPREADING, DECORATING, etc.
  • Made of sturdy, resilient, and flexible material
  • FDA approved
  • BPA free
  • Made in the USA

    Consumer Reports says you discard up to 25% of your products. Spatty® allows you to use all of your product, saves you hundreds of dollars, and will pay for itself after only a couple of uses.

    Over 1.3 million Spatty® products sold!

About the Founder


Cheryl Rigdon has a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology with an undergraduate degree in Special Education and worked in that field for many years before she invented Spatty®. Cheryl is now working full time on Spatty® and taking care of her two young daughters.

Cheryl has always been a problem-solver, and when she got annoyed by not being able to access the product at the bottom of her expensive bottles of make-up and lotion, she came up with a solution. That solution was Spatty®. After creating the perfect tool for her dilemma in the bathroom, she decided that the same tool, only bigger, could be used in the kitchen, garage and throughout the home, so the Spatty® family of tools was born.

Cheryl did most of the development of Spatty® by herself. Her husband, mom and dad were very supportive and helpful. Her husband works as a project manager in a factory, so he was able to offer some insight, but Spatty® is totally Cheryl’s creation.

Bohemian Absinthe Soy Candle 3.5 oz.

candle-in-glass-jar-with-lid(Retail Value $12)

W.V. Candle Co.

Made in Philomath, OR

Use & Care

Indulge in a fragrance that carries you on a journey to the mysterious heart of Europe.  This candle starts with a sweet hit of Black Currant, then settles into a bold and spicy aroma.  Each breath contains depth with a hint of whimsy.

All candles are hand poured into elegant straight sided amber glass jars with modern minimalist labels. Ideal alongside your favorite succulent or a vase of freshly picked flowers.  Place it on a nightstand, coffee table, or mantle to set the mood. Our brushed gold lids also make it possible to take your candle anywhere you want to go. 

Made in Philomath, Oregon with 100% soy derived from American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn. Uses a lead-free cotton wick primed with vegetable based wax and premium grade fragrance oil and essential oils. No additives, dyes, preservatives, phthalates, or petroleum.

To get the best results, be sure to trim the wick to 1/4” before burning. Do this every single time before you burn. On the first burn, be sure to allow 3-4 hours for a complete burn pool to form. That means the entire surface of the candle will be liquified. This is called a memory burn, and prevents the candle from tunneling. In each subsequent burn, be sure you reach a complete burn pool before putting the candle out to ensure the longest life possible.  

Burns up to 50 hours.

About the Company

W.V. Candle Co. is an independent candle studio based in Philomath, Oregon. Their small team makes and pours every candle by hand using premium soy wax derived from 100% USA grown soy beans, natural essential oils, and phthalate-free perfume oils. Sophisticated scents are inspired by minimalism in design, nature and travel, and the Bohemian spirit.

About the Founder

Camilla is the founder of W.V. Candle Co. Her company is founded on Boho spirit, Minimalist style, and is Handmade & Woman owned.

Bees Wrap Set

(Retail Value $19.99)


Made in Vermont, USA

Use & Care

Use the warmth of your hands to wrap Bee’s Wrap® around a piece of food or over a bowl or casserole dish. When Bee’s Wrap cools—within seconds—it holds its seal. Use your Bee’s Wrap to wrap cheese, vegetables, bread, fruit, fresh herbs, and baked goods. Bee’s Wrap is not recommended for use with raw meat or fish.

Just wash in cool water with a mild dish soap. Then, drape your wraps over your drying rack to air dry. Remember to avoid all sources of heat, including warm water, microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, hot cars, and covering bowls of not-quite-cooled leftovers.

About the Company

Bee’s Wrap® is made with certified organic cotton that’s coated with sustainably sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. The result? An easy, reusable, all-natural way to store food. A set of three eco-friendly wraps that come in small, medium, and large. Essential for packing school lunches, storing food, and wrapping leftovers. The best part? Zero plastic waste. As a proud B Corp and Green America certified company, Bee’s Wrap is committed to using their business as a vehicle for social change, bettering the lives of their customers, employees, community, and planet. As a family business, they are vested in the values and environment they pass along to future generations.

About the Founder

Founder, Sarah Kaeck

In Sarah’s words:

Bee’s Wrap® started with a question facing many families and home cooks: How could we eliminate plastics in our kitchen in favor of a healthier, more sustainable way to store our food? I found the answer reviving a lost tradition of food storage in my own kitchen. By coating cotton with beeswax, I created a washable, reusable, compostable alternative to plastic wrap. Today, Bee’s Wrap® is handcrafted from custom woven organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Bee’s Wrap® provides a versatile, plastic free alternative to food storage.