About ECO CRATES of America

ECO CRATES of America is an education-first, subscription brand service. They provide a monthly subscription program of carefully curated items for every room in your home.

The founder, Jaime Snell, provides a wealth of knowledge on a full range of products and lifestyle habits through her blog and various social media channels that benefit the family home and the Earth. Including a recently launched podcast, The Eco Mama Podcast. In the podcast, she shares personal stories of her family’s journey to living a low-tox life and education on harmful ingredients we should all avoid in our everyday products.

 She believes that the real journey to protecting the health of our health, the health of our family, and the earth begins in the home. In 2021, she felt it was time to share what she had learned and implemented in her own life so other families seeking a safer home without toxins could grow without the arduous work required for such a journey. The first step in this journey is switching to products free from harmful ingredients. ECO CRATES of America is here to help you take that first step.

About the Founder

Jaime Snell is the founder of ECO CRATES of America and The Eco Mama Podcast.

Originally from Jacksonville, FL, she now calls the Upstate of South Carolina home. She is a mom to three, happily married, and sharing her life passions while putting them to good use for the greater good. 

She developed her footing by receiving a B.A. in Business Management and a master’s Degree in International Business from the University of Florida. 

She enjoyed working many years with the Ritz-Carlton in South Florida before pursuing her passion for holistic wellness as a buyer for Whole Foods Market. After taking time off from her career to focus on her family, she put her energies into developing her own company, ECO CRATES of America.

Her journey toward a healthy lifestyle began in 2005 with learning about the importance of proper nutrition and reading food labels. However, it was not until 2010 that her true toxin-free journey began. That was the year she became pregnant with her first daughter.

With so much in this world out of our control, she realized there was one thing she could control. And that was what she brought into her home.

She began reading labels of everyday products, in addition to food. Shocked by how many harmful ingredients she found in trusted brands and products, she set out on a mission to find products made without harmful ingredients, seeking safer alternatives to the products she loved.

Jaime now shares all she has learned through ECO CRATES of America, to help lessen the burden of the intricate research and dedication this journey requires. She relishes the time she spends every day helping families transition to safer products for the whole family.

When Jaime is not busy in the mom life of her three young children and managing her company, you will find her walking barefoot in her garden or sipping coffee while listening to the river flow just beyond her property. 

Jaime’s motto is “The little things we do in life today have a ripple effect on the lives of others. So I strive to create as many positive ripples as possible in this life that I can.”