2022 Holiday Cheer

We hope you enjoy this Holiday Cheer Crate. Details on all products in your crate this month from what they are and where they are from, to stories about the brands and their founders.

Petit Hand-Carved Wood Bowl



Made in Bentonville, AR

Product Details

These little decorative bowls add delightful details to any ensemble, especially those with minimal space and in need of additional layers of color or texture.  Features a distressed, solid finish that is perfect in any rustic-inspired aesthetic.   It is both durable and stylish. Please understand these are wooden bowls made to look rustic from raw wood. Some may have knot holes, scratches, knife marks, saw blade marks, sap or minor cracks and blemishes. These are not defects. These are a natural part of the bowl that have been made from raw wood. Size, color and shape will vary. We do try to minimize these for each bowl. However, we cannot guarantee your bowl will not have any of these character marks. Each bowl is unique and difference in size. 9 Inch.

Use & Care
This decorative dish is great for displaying your favorite nicknacks, holding jewelry, keys and more. If using for serving food, it is suggested to put a cloth on the wood to keep the food from damaging the wood. Also, this item is not pre-treated for candles nor is it fire retardant, so please do not burn candles on it or keep near a flame such as a fireplace or gas stovetop.
About the Founder

Winnefred Austin is named after founder Ashley Gossett’s many-generations ago British granny turned American pioneer, Winnefred has a story all her own. Ashley hand-draws, writes, and designs products with the Gospel at heart. Captured by the whimsy of childlike faith, their calendars, books, journals, accessories, and more serve as everyday visual reminders of hope-filled Truth. 

Winnefred Austin is passionate about making products that are not only timelessly beautiful, but have deep faith roots and a sweet nostalgic sigh. All products are carefully packaged in their Nashville studio before being sent to you.

Dedicated to being a village to children worldwide, Winnefred Austin supports breaking the cycle of poverty in Jesus’ Name with Compassion International.

About the Company

Forever Green Art has been in manufacturing for over 30 years. They are a small business that specializes in preserving real plants, trees, moss and florals. They hand-pour their candles, build and source accessories. Their crew of artisans strive to provide innovative and unique designs. They are continually growing and reinventing ourselves to better serve you.

Peppermint Bark Natural Lip Balm


Plant Therapy

Made in Twin Falls, ID

Product Details

Peppermint Bark Natural Lip Balm

With its cooling tingle and burst of minty freshness, our Peppermint Bark Natural Lip Balm gives you a perfect plant-powered pout just in time for the holidays! Made with simple, natural ingredients and packaged in eco-friendly recyclable cardboard, this lip balm is good for you and the planet. Ethically sourced beeswax, premium Coconut, and Sunflower oils softening vitamin E, and an all-natural tasty flavor make this your new favorite go-to for soft, smooth lips.

Use & Care

Apply to lips as desired. Great for dry lips, but just as yummy for healthy ones too.

About the Founder

At Plant Therapy, their goal is to have the most significant possible impact on the most people. Since the beginning, Plant Therapy owners and staff have placed donations, service work, and local support at the core of what they do and how they operate. Each year, they set aside a portion of the proceeds from each unit sold to fund philanthropic local and national causes.

About the Company

At Plant Therapy, safety and education are at the heart of everything they do. In addition to offering pure, high-quality essential oils, natural body care products, and CBD, they give you the tools and know-how to safely use essential oils and understand the ingredients in their products. And because they value transparency and honesty, they publish test reports for their essential oils, carrier oils, and CBD and offer affordable prices for all their products. Plant Therapy is also dedicated to giving back to the community, both locally and globally, so they can positively impact as many people as possible.

Hand-Dipped Cloth Napkins


Heather Rose

Made in Brooklyn, NY 

Product Details
Heather Rose’s handmade and hand-dyed cotton napkins will brighten any meal or special occasion. Never use paper towels or overly stiff cloth napkins at home or for dinner parties ever again. Casual yet elegant, these super fun, eye-catching designs will add some cheer to your next meal. Not to mention they are the perfect size to clean up mealtime messes and due to the funky pattern it will hide all of those stains. Excellent housewarming or hostess gift! Invest now in these adorable, re-useable cloth napkins for your kitchen today!!! Details: 100% cotton Set of 4 Each napkin is approx. 18” x 18”. Sizing and dye pattern varies on each napkin. Hand-dyed.
Use & Care

Care: Machine wash cold, tumble or line dry.

No chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Iron if necessary.

(Personally like to air-dry so I don’t have to iron)

About the Founder

Heather Rose is an artist, dreamer, a creator who loves nothing more than to travel the world and create beautiful things. Feel the love and luxury of her handcrafted, artisanally dyed work. It will give you unique, expressive, and endless versatility. The soft, lightweight fabric is the most versatile accessory you’ll ever own. The lush fabric is comfortable, wrinkle-resilient.

About the Company

The Heather Rose Brand Values Include:

Women Owned
Eco Friendly
Small Batch

Elegant Ornaments

(Retail Value $9.95wooden-earth-ornament)

GreenTree Jewelry

Made in San Diego, CA

Product Details

Mapped Earth Ornament

  • High-quality image printed on flat wood for the 3-D illusion
  • Made from eco-friendly, sustainably sourced birch wood
  • Laser-cut, 3mm thick
  • The image on front with natural wood back
  • Smooth to touch, glossy finish
  • A few drops of essential oil on the natural wood back convert this work of art into a diffuser.
Use & Care

Keep dry.

Essential oils may be applied to the raw wood on the back of the ornament to create a diffuser (discoloration may occur).

About the Founder

Green Tree’s Founder, Lance Nybye Jr., started pondering the idea of creating puzzles when his wife and business partner, Autumn, asked him to do puzzles for their son with autism to help with visual reception and fine motor skills. Lance was inspired to design puzzles after crafting a giant puzzle for their son’s school art auction. Since Lance’s father started Green Tree’s parent company over 30 years ago using the same jigsaw machine used to create puzzles, it’s only fitting that Green Tree supplies puzzles today.

About the Company

Green Tree Jewelry is a family-owned business in San Diego, CA, that proudly designs and crafts lightweight, eco-friendly wood and bamboo jewelry and wooden jigsaw puzzles, wood home décor, and holiday items (also offered in 100% recycled paper) in the United States.

Their jewelry findings are hypoallergenic stainless steel, which is excellent for sensitive ears. In addition, you can find eco-friendly components of their products in their reforestation efforts with all wood used to the water-based dye processes (with over 30 different colors available). They also offer custom designs. With their full-color process, they can print high-resolution images on one side of the wood, leaving the backside natural to double as an essential oil diffuser!

Handmade Paper Gift Tags

paper-gift-tagsSet of 10

(Retail $3)

White Dragon Paper

Made in Ashland, WI

Product Details

The founder collects and recycles 100% office, notebook, and printer papers to create this luxury product. The only ingredients are paper and water!

Use & Care

This paper is good to use with:
colored pencil
acrylic paints
computer printer
watercolor paint

About the Founder

Making paper is a meditative process for the founder and creator, Rocky Lawton. He finds there’s something very relaxing to the straightforward, repetitive process. The result of having a crisp, clean sheet of paper brings to mind for him endless possibilities. Anything that may have been upsetting or stressful before melts away after he opens up a whole world of opportunities with that one simple sheet of paper.
Making paper takes much more time and requires more equipment than just opening a package of commercial documents. You can even buy commercial recycled papers now if you’re worried about the environment. But what you can’t get from all those brightly colored, smooth, textured, thin, thick, and even eco-friendly papers is the human element.
Rocky finds great joy in connecting to a vast web of strangers and friends through his paper. For him, making paper is a time-consuming, repetitive, very relaxing process. However, he finds great satisfaction in taking unwanted office paper, school notes, and household waste papers that have served their purpose and are at the end of their life, saving them from the trash. He envisions his mission as giving those papers a rebirth, bringing them back at the start of a new journey. They still contain the knowledge from their past life as a grocery list or term paper, but it’s all chopped up and no longer readable. So now they are given a second life as a new sheet of paper for someone to write a love note on, write the next great novel on, send a heartfelt card, or draw a stunning picture. The possibilities indeed are endless.
While there are many hand paper-makers worldwide, White Dragon Paper is unique in its goal of providing high-quality handmade papers made from 100% recycled materials in both individual and wholesale volumes.

About the Company

Rocky Lawton is a single owner/operator who makes handmade paper from recycled and waste materials.

It all started one summer when Rocky Lawton got bored and found a “How to” article about making paper. Soon enough, the fresh sheets began taking over his shelves. He hated to see them recycled just when they had been given a rebirth into new sheets of paper, and he couldn’t use them quickly enough by myself. So he started his Etsy shop thinking maybe someone, somewhere, would have a use for them.

It’s been a few years, and a LOT has changed, but he still loves making paper the same as when it was a hobby in his basement.

White Dragon Paper has become a significant source for high-quality handmade papers for US and international artists, writers, Do It Yourselfers, and crafters. The company caters to both the small-batch crafter or artist and to the large-scale printer or designer that needs a steady wholesale supplier to continue their work. White Dragon Paper prides itself on using recycled, eco-friendly fiber and reducing the amount of paper waste that goes into landfills each year.

White Dragon Paper gives back to the community by volunteering, donating time, supplies, or money as able/needed, and supporting other small businesses and local artists.

Carpet Refresher


Aunt fannie’s

Made in Portland, OR 

Product Details

Refresh your home and neutralize odors.

• 100% natural ingredients.

• Great for homes with pets.

• Feel-good essential oil scents.

• Manufactured in the USA.

• 16 oz.

Ingredients: Baking SodaSilicaLemon Peel OilLitsea Cubeba Fruit OilPeppermint OilOrange Peel OilSpearmint Oil

Use & Care

Sprinkle on the carpet. Allow to settle for up to 15 minutes, then vacuum.

About the Founders

Mat Franken launched Aunt Fannie’s first product in 2015, after a years-long journey to understand and resolve his family’s mysterious and life-threatening medical conditions.

“I never set out to be an entrepreneur or a health crusader. Like so many, my journey started with a health crisis. The quest for answers that followed changed us forever. Aunt Fannie’s is here to elevate and make well the sacred work of taking care of those we love. Ourselves, pets and planet included.” – Mat Franken

About the Company

Born out of a years-long journey to understand and resolve his family’s mysterious and life-threatening medical conditions, Mat Franken launched Aunt Fannie’s first product in 2015. Aunt Fannie’s is a health and wellness company making household products whose mission is to prioritize wellness from the outside in.

Holiday Simmer Spice Jar


ECO CRATES of america

Made in Greer, SC

Product Details

The perfect blend of aromatic spices to bring Christmas to life through your senses.

Ingredients include anise, cinnamon, candied ginger, fresh rosemarry, nutmeg, allspice, cloves and dried oranges.


Use & Care

Empty ingredients into stovetop pot, cover with water and simmer* on medium low up to three days to fill your home with the scents of the season. Replenish water as needed.

To enhance, add a sprig or two from your Christmas Tree, fresh lemon peels or a few drops of pure lemon essential oil.

*Check often to see if water has cooked out, simply add more water as needed. Never leave your stove on when not attended to. Be sure to turn it off before you leave the house and before you go to bed.

About the Founder

Jaime Snell is the founder and owner of ECO CRATES of America.

She has a great passion for clean ingredients and safe products. It gives her great joy to share this passion with her subscribers.

From the founder:

I had so much fun putting these simmer spice jars together for you. Testing might have been the best part. My house has smelled amazing for weeks now, as I played with various spices and oils to find the perfect blend for your home. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


About the Company

ECO CRATES of America is a luxury subscription box brand, bringing safe American-made products to eco-conscious consumers. We find joy in selecting high-quality products from sustainable brands across the USA. Our stringent ingredient selection process assures safe products for you and your home in every box.