How healthy is your home?


We believe a healthy family begins with a healthy home.

Your home health is defined by more than just four walls and a roof. Everything you bring into your home, from food to products, even furnishings to clothes, affects everyone in your family.

If you are curious how healthy your home is, take our quiz.


At ECO CRATES of America, we help you identify what harmful ingredients to avoid while sharing top-quality home and personal care products made without toxins by small-American brands you can trust.

We are an education-first subscription brand service, delivering home cleaning and personal care products monthly to help you create and maintain a home without harmful chemicals for you and your family.

ECO CRATES of America delivers quality products for your home free of harmful chemicals.



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We deliver a new crate each month for a specific area in your home filled with essential products for you to create and maintain a home free from harmful chemicals.


breathe easier and live healthier

Embrace the newfound peace of mind you will have on your journey to a toxin-free home. Kid-friendly, pet-safe and mom-approved.


What’s in your box?

Each month, you recieve family-friendly products made by small-American businesses, designed to help you create a clean and safe living space.

Your monthly box includes:

  • 4-6 full size, quality products for personal and home care
  • One of twelve themes, designed to cover every area of your home and essential living spaces in one year
  • Transparent ingredients, free from harmful chemicals
  • Peace of Mind
  • An investment in your health and the ones you love

All products are PROUDLY made in the USA

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Nominated for The Best Eco-Friendly
Subscription Box in the USA 2022

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are here for you. If for any reason, you are not happy with any of the items in your monthly crate, we are just a message away. We will work with you to make it right. It’s our pledge to you.